Tetrolugosi are Sara Paradisi (keybords, voices, organs, theremin) and Camillo Perazzoli (keybords, voice, organs, bass guitar). They come from Ripatransone, central Italy, where they formed in 2013. They recorded their first two albums “Tetrolugosi” (2014) that was released in cassette for "The Magus Distro" in August 2015 and in january 2016 in vinyl for the "Horror Records" and  their second album "Tetrolugosi II'' as digital release on Spotify, Itunes, Deezer or other streaming services on October 31st.
They like to play theremin and vintage organs producing creepy old sounds. Their lyrics are surreal and often grotesque. Enigmatic characters (sumo wrestlers, japanese insects, robogeishas, the ape woman, sleeping lawyers, golden bugs, the elephant man) populate their world. Reverberating deep lead vocals coming from dark territories blend with angelic otherworldly voices.