Kriistal Ann, the singer of the Paradox Obscur and Chroma Carbon, singer of Factice Factory  have founded Sine Silex ,this interesting side project, that has recently published a ten tracks album, characterized by their emphatic and emotional duets, with lyrics written by Chroma and sung on the electronic minimal music composed by Ann.
"Antidote" is opened by the almost reciting voice of Chroma on a synthetic and melancholy electronic carpet. Ann's voice, full of interpretative pathos, adds a charming emotional transport.
"Operative" has a more animate danceable basis, on which the double singing stands like a dialogue that is developping among imaginary artificial sceneries.

In "Ether" the voice of Chroma seems an invocation that raises from a suffering rhythm, while the warm and emotional voice of Ann sounds like the one of an angel that gives comfort, strength and warmth.
In "Six'' to twenty seconds" Ann and Chroma sing as one voice on a music with a sci-fi suggestion: like the look upon Planet  Earth of two astronauts that are waiting for the count down to leave our planet.
In "Les Nimbes" the music is syncopated. The voice of Chroma sounds as it comes from a distance, like a memory, while the one of Ann, is stronger and emphatic, like the voice of a woman that screams loud her memories or regrets.
"Modeliste", is a track  that has already been heard online a few months ago. It has the winking charm of the electronic music with a retrò ambiance and dancable sounds.
"Rifle", even keeping its electronic characteristics has also some remnants of new wave sounds and the intimate and dark atmosphere sounds like the one of the confession of unmentionable things.
"Nénuphar" has a most modern sonority with a touch that's a midway between glitch and a refined ambient.
"L'amnesie" has a rarefied beginning, on which Chroma voices sing, again with a reverberation that makes it sound coming for a distance, while  thickness and emotions rise in the long interval in which Ann sings.
"L'embrun" it is a track filled with emotions and melancholy, close to the most slow and intimate ones of the Factices Factory. Once more the intersection among the disenchanted voice of Chroma and the intense, dramatic one of Ann creates a cocktail of emotions from which it is difficult to be not overwhelmed.

In conclusion,I might state that it's a good album, whose roots sink in the cold minimal and synth wave of the 80's, but at the same time don't lack the references that make it to belong to the present times.