BELLS OF SOUL is the project of the brazilian musican and poet Sânian that for once put in music a lyric by me.
Porcelain doll is a song about the scars of time: the creeps on the face of an old porcelain doll forgotten in a corner of a garret are a metaphore of the lines that time and disenchantment paint on a face: like this porcelain doll many people had a beautiful young smile that year after year turned into a serious, hopeless face, while dreamtime fades into the harsh reality, like the ancient playroom in which once the porcelain doll was like a princess.

Tell me what games did they played
In the dollhouse where you stayed?
Who has soiled your hand so small?
My sweet romantic porcelain doll

What secrets hides your silence
While your lips keep on smiling
The mysteries of your angel face
My porcelain doll dressed in lace

Your miss the kiss and the laugher
The girl that once you looked after
Dust paints you white like a dove
My porcelain doll made for love

I wonder who splintered your face
And then abandoned you in disgrace
Forgotten, like an unclaimed prize
My porcelain doll with sad eyes

The ancient enchantment is broken
Happiness was just a fading moment
Now everything is become so cold
My porcelain doll left in the mould

Your heart is longing for a sound
While the snow falls on the ground
In small flakes that look like tears
Poor porcelain doll, nobody cares

Lory Fayer