The 3rd ep from the French synth project Egoprisme is out on TONN Recordings In this 2-track ep Jean-Marc Le Droff  builds -as usually-a synthetic universe with cold wave accents in a melancholic atmosphere. Quality synthwave songs highly recommended to any synth-coldwave listener.

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Fragrance. is the french synthpop project of Matthieu Roche. 'Collapse' is the  third  single from the upcoming ep  « Dust & Disorders » coming out 13th January.
It has been mastered by Hélène de Thoury (from Hante. & Minuit Machine) at Synth Religion Studio in Paris. The whole EP (music, lyrics & artwork) has a common thematic which is confinement, isolation and its prolongation : escaping through dreams, building up illusions, the thirst for journeys and for being in motion.

Fragrance. links :

Bandcamp (opening on January 13) : http://fragrancemusic.bandcamp.com
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This list is entirely generated by one person so reflects my tastes and ideas . It’s not objective, and there’s no way it could be. Plenty of worthy and important albums perhaps missing from this list, and it might look different if I made it again another time. Signed or unsigned artists does not matter to me .This list does not contain any compilation album, any live album or any album that released in the past and re-released in 2016. 

Pedro Code’s  personal project  is my favourite from 2016. Each song has a special place in this beautiful album composing a perfect blend of dark wave, ethereal and electro tunes. A beautiful and moving musical masterpiece worthy of your attention.

After two eps, the French cold wave act returns with a tasty album full of  cold ethereal wave melodies. Dark synths, beautiful guitars and deep female vocals make the cold wave of nowdays.

The Detroit darkwave trio's third album shows the band progress musically with more complex and deeper songs than the previous albums. An atmospheric concept album produced by drum machines, synth, fuzzy bass, and subtle lyricism.

A great debut by the Polish band. Cold wave with postrock  and ambient soundscapes. Blissful, melancholic and dark.

Augustus Muller develops  the perfect blend of minimal electro record, synth pop  but at the same time a rather modern piece of electronic music.

After an ep in 2015, the London-based new wave project returns with Some Vague Desire  features eight new songs that combine edged guitars with lush and driven bass lines following the sound of  my favourite Lively Art Rec .

The Athens-based duo releases  the third album  maintaining the same successful formula that defines their characteristic style: male or female lead vocals, lyrics in German, English and Greek, songs based on poetry by famous writers and very creative ideas regarding song composition and execution.You can read our review here.

Simona Ferrucci and Alessandra Romeo after the successful 'Slanting Ray' present another beautiful new wave album in which  cold vintage drum machine rhythm section meets liquid melancholic atmospheres and female vocals. 

Another haunting album from the avant garde electronic act  Bestial Mouths  driven by Lynette Cerezo  vocals evoking  both Siouxsie and Diamanda Galas. The batcave of nowdays is here.

Alessandro Parisi  releases a concept album following a mix of acid lines, medieval voices and dark synths.

In their second lp , the Danish band mix together influences from neo-psych ,post rock ,drone ,shoegaze and noise rock and the result is very distinctive and attractive to any serious listener.

Second album by the Swiss cold wave act  that creates a superb blend of gothgaze and dark post punk driven by chaotic synths , a reverberating rhythm section and guitar layers.

Second album by the Italian avant garde project.Listening to it you meet dark ambience, noir jazz , hypnotic female voices all that create an  atmosphere very close to Badalamenti's and Denovali records sound.

Philippe Blache  produces another  masterpiece  driven by Nataliya Romachina’s ethereal vocals. Cinematic dronescapes , invocative poetical and neoclassical ambiences driving the listener to a fairy trip. You can read our review here.

A little gem from Mexico. Minimal synth melodies with deep male vocals and elegant  female vocals (Kriistal Ann , Keren Batok , Ditta Perditta) . Any fan of dark synth music will appreciate it.

The 5-song ep is a perfect sample of  impeccable  synthpop with references to the nostalgic 80's.

The  debut album by the dark synth band founded by Kriistal Ann  and Chroma Carbon.Ten beautiful songs alternating female and male voice in a  cold wave atmosphere. You can read our review here

The fifth album by the British duo presents a shoegaze and psych rock  driven by minimal synths, deathly drones and doomy vocals.

Debut album for the Bologna–based project. Electro-Darkwave, Post-Punk & drone influences consist a diverse album that no one  can leave uninterested.


The Cologne-based band dares the balancing act between wavy postpunk and industrial krautrock , driving and gloomy but still full of catchy moments. Five beautiful songs that stay on your mind for a long time.

The duo from Michigan presents an intelligent cold wave and a perfect combination male and female vocals.

Female gloomy voice ,ethereal and ferocious guitars and  drones work together in the creation of shadowy claustrophobic album especially recommended for the fans of Chelsea Wolfe. 

Sara Paradisi (keybords, voices, organs, theremin) and Camillo Perazzoli (keybords, voice, organs, bass guitar) release their second album. Vintage organs , theatrical presentation , surrealism and a creepy atmosphere  consist a very interesting release.

24.Kælan Mikla - st (Fabrika records)
A  record  that combines post punk with synth and darkwave elements with the use of the Icelandic language  giving  a unique tint.

The British  band has lovingly crafted their debut album from the base materials of shoegaze and dream pop. Highly recommended for fans of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive.
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