With parts 6 and 7 of his 18 EP series Berlin’s Vlimmer is ultimately tearing down genre boundaries. The songs grab you with cold hands and keep pushing you into new but dark rooms of a modern haunted house which appears way higher than you might have expected once you’ve managed to find a window to look through. And there it is, the undeniable feeling of uncertainty. Is the building shaking or is it you? The songs of Vlimmer are driven by rhythmic loops and the product of several layers of often distorted but fragile sounds which, as a result, are tight enough to keep you trapped in a hypertensive maze of panic. The horror lurks in there somewhere. 

EP 6 (“llllll”) offers dirty Darkwave, slowed down Postpunk, Black Metal screams behind the noisiest Shoegaze walls, heavy electronic bass fuzz and a closing 13 minute progressive monster that sounds like an exploding, mutated version of Minimal Techno packed with sounds, drama, melodies, darkness, light, darkness again, and a skydiving chorus – which eventually leads into a Drone dungeon. 

EP 7 (“lllllll”), at the beginning, pretends to be the calmer, friendlier brother in the mirror with its windy sea synths and minimalist drums that almost bring the song to a standstill. But when “Sonnenschwarz” hits you with its wild tribal drums and reoccurring noise attacks the horizon darkens and the terror is in full bloom. This EP is Vlimmer’s most versatile work to date, check out the slide guitars in “Grundbuch”, clearing the sky for the protagonist’s speech in which the introspective soul opens up – before it recognizes the evil in mankind, and, with the sudden appearance of giant waves, washes everything away. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.