There are moments in which something pushes us to go away even if the thing we'd wish more would be to stay....

This song tries to describe this feeling of sorrowful departure... but sometimes, after having seen the tears on the floor, someone changes mind and decides to stay....

Walking away

Soon I will start to walk away  again
saying just farewell to hide my pain
because my hopes are already gone
like all the things that we left undone
the desires that will never be fulfilled
my heart suddenly becomes chilled
no chances for a dream born at dawn
destined to be burst by a blinding sun

captive of a past that you can't forget
you will turn also today into a regret
as for us there is no time left to wait
we are walking toward death's gate
How can I expect something sublime
from promises that are orphan of time
it's useless to talk about tomorrow
if the future looks so cold and hollow

my soul feels abandoned and alone
inner walls can be harder than stone
a door than will remain closed forever
the ancient flame now  is an ember
Even if nothing will replace or balance
the emptiness left by your absence
I can't reflect myself in you any more
while my tears are falling on the floor

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Silentport with Lory Fayer - Walking Away
music composed and arranged by Silentport feb. 2017
vocals by Silentport. spoken words by Lory Fayer
lyrics by Lory Fayer
recorded and mastered @ weisser herbst studio Frankfurt/Germany 2017

all rights reserved