Die Zwei (german for “The Two”) is a new music project from Italy, an “electronic art music manifesto” as they call themselves, formed by Laura Agerli and Roberto Melle. Their music is electronic, with female vocals and guitar provided by Laura and electronic tribal percussion played by Roberto, assisted by an extra bass guitarist during live shows. The duet have just released their first album “Eins” (german for “One”) in digital format through Bandcamp, also available on limited cd format by the band themselves.

“Eins” runs 50 minutes and contains 11 songs, sung mainly in Italian and English language. Die Zwei deliver a very artistic electronic sound, based primarily on Laura’s distinctive vocals, accompanied by industrial rhythms, electronic tribal drums and sound effects that stand out. Very powerful and melodic, the band manages to create dark atmospheric soundscapes that constantly change according to Laura’s vocal attitude and performance. Dominant and emotional, Laura’s singing easily changes from low-tuned narration to dynamic high-tuned shouting, beautifully switching between Italian or English language accordingly.

Best songs of the album are: “Majorana”, the album’s starter (named after the Italian 20th century physicist), very powerful and moody. “Gurdjieff” (named after the Armenian 20th century mystic philosopher) one of the band’s best efforts. “Anthropos” filled with hypnotic, haunting vocal treatments. “None” with lyrics in English, filled with pain, anxiety and despair. “Reve Industriel” sung in French, full of pure emotion, probably one of my favorites. “Sexure” comes with a very nice 80s dark italo disco sounding style. “Schonheit” partly sung in German language, provides an interesting oldschool ebm twist. “Buono Legnani” (named after a theatrical character) resembles an enigmatic soundtrack filled with a strong passionate Italian temperament. Other songs like “Lili”, the piano based “1906” and the album’s ending “Yugen” have a slight different style, not so powerful and industrial, but more melodic and atmospheric.

On their debut album “Eins”, Die Zwei have managed to conquer a fresh sound that stands out, producing an impressive artistic result, accompanied by a powerful graphic design and a mystical visual appearance onstage. Well done!

Review by Stefan Stavrides