Ēirikura is a collaborative project. Among the participants are members of Sunset Wings, Romowe Rikoito, Āustras Laīwan and their friends from Prussia as well as poetess Johanna Doyle from Ireland. Along with Johanna’s poems, the group uses a short poem by Christina Rossetti and a historical poem in Gaeilge (by Pádraig Mac Piarais) with guest Josephine. The Prussian lyrics are by Niktorius and Āulaukis. The CD 'Reflection of a Higher Realm' is their first release produced by  Wrotycz Rec. On this album you will find a variant of emotional  songs in neofolk, ethereal and neoclassical style. Highly recommended to all atmospheric neofolk listeners.

You can listen to some tracks from the album here: https://soundcloud.com/eirikura