Merry's Funeral are a promising band coming from Turkey; they have already an album out on bandcamp (of which you can find the rewiew on these pages) and are currently working on a new concept Ep.
Sharing the same passion for Joy Division and dark existentialist writers, they make a collaboration with Lory Fayer putting in music a song dedicated to the japaneese writer Osamu Dazai, who committed suicide the 13th june 1948 with his partner Tomie Yamazaki. that present on premiere on the pages of Die Seele.

Among the cherry blossoms
(13th June 1948)

They know that the joy doesn't dwell here
They leave hand in hand without any fear
To carry on their quest in a faraway place
In the most hidden corners of the Space

From a river where the waves always roar
They sail without a ship to another shore
The water might lead them to their dreams
On their sad faces a sudden smile gleams

They look at storm coming from the sea
The wild wind moves through the trees
Making the flowers fall on the bottoms
So they float among the cherry blossoms

A funeral procession of silence and scent
Without voices that criticize and dissent
Often life stifled and hindered their feeling
Death is like a charming promise of healing

Closing their eyes, they look at the eternity
Where nobody will point out their diversity
All the requests will finally shut up forever
Heaven will be the prize of their endeavour

dedicated to Osamu Dazai and Tomie Yamazaki