Founded in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz, Blind Delon made it's first release on the spanish record label Oràculo Records with the " Edouard " Ep, containing 3 original tracks plus a remix from Drvg Cvltvre (Viewlexx, New York Haunted). Shortly after this release, Léo Farronato (Memento Maurice) started to take part in this project, and today Blind Delon is working as a duet, with big influences from 80's Post-Punk/Cold Wave to the french Techno scene and the german Neue Deutsche Welle.
Synth-Pop might be the best word to qualify them, as their music is a sort of breed between outrageous Pop and cold basslines. Building a bridge between Pop and Rave music, Blind Delon is making a conventional yet romantic Post-Punk sound.

With their heads and bags filled with synthesizers from a time they weren't even born, Mathis and Léo can be found today between a record shop and a cave rave, looking for an aesthetic that is nowhere near dying.
Enjoy a Blind Delon's podcast for DieSeele Radio