Founded in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz, Blind Delon made it's first release on the spanish record label Oràculo Records with the " Edouard " Ep, containing 3 original tracks plus a remix from Drvg Cvltvre (Viewlexx, New York Haunted). Shortly after this release, Léo Farronato (Memento Maurice) started to take part in this project, and today Blind Delon is working as a duet, with big influences from 80's Post-Punk/Cold Wave to the french Techno scene and the german Neue Deutsche Welle. Lets have a short discussion with Blind Delon.

How was this project born? 

I began this project in June 2016 by composing the track ‘Edouard’. Then I was quickly contacted by some labels to produce a demo. After the first EP, I was join by my friend Léo Nato and we compose together sometimes, and i do some tracks alone.

Could you explain us why do you choose ‘Blind Delon’ as band name?

Alain Delon is a legend of the 70s to 80s french cinema, it’s someone who impressed and inspired me as a child (my parents haven’t really appreciated the cinema of their own time, they were nostalgic of the previous generation). Furthermore, Alain Delon corresponds to a period which musically is very important to me : first the 70s, among which art-rock and prog-rock eternally inspired me, then the 80s among which esthetics and romantism (today considered retro) finds itself in my songs. And finally, Alain has the most beautiful eyes of the world, no? Make him blind for a while..

What are your sources of inspiration?

I think that the cinema is one of my main source of inspiration. I often close eyes and only listen to the music. The incredible story-telling which we find in the soundtracking is something very inspiring.

Your music is a mix of a lot of different things... And talking about style, what are your biggest influences?

I dont really listen to coldwave music, on my hifi system i prefer having more electro stuff as techno or EBM. I work as a mastering engineer mainly for the european techno scene and i am the boss of a ravy and industrial techno music label (Kolkoz Records).. it’s an esthetics which inspires me a lot, and I try to mix it with my vision of the actual pop-music. 
We can say that I am inspired by peoples around me : I have worked a lot in the electronic music, in particular in the composition of soundtracks for contemporary dance shows, in sound-design, in the ambient - downtempo - electronica scene.. My past collaborations influences my musical projects everyday. And as I said previously, the 70s european rock scene and the 80s pop are styles i like a lot.

What is important for me is the emotions and the quality of melodies. So, how do you compose the songs?

I don’t really have a method, I like working in a random way. I am the kind of guy who didn’t equipped its studio with classic machines.. It is true that I have some old classic synthesizers, but most of my tools are rather original. I like sampling various vinyls, using elements from one to make others. It’s something I do for a long time, I work the sound synthesis with what is around my body, my kitchen utensils are my best friends.. When I have a cool bank of sound, I plug my bass, my guitar and some old machines through vintage amps and racks to assemble the elements and compose a song. The singing step comes much later, I often return several times on my instrumental tracks, then i write some lyrics.

Tell us about your collaboration with the labels like ‘Oraculo Records’.

Nico of Oraculo Records has contacted me after listening to my first track 'Edouard'. He quickly suggested me to produce more tracks for an EP and I thank him a lot for it, because it’s what made me go out of my cellar. It’s him who allowed Blind Delon to exist.. Nowadays we continue to work together.

Could you talk about your local scene?

I come from Toulouse, south France. It’s a ‘big’ city where it’s often sunny and that inspires people ! The world music is very present here. At the moment, the electronic scene is expanding, we listen more and more to house, techno, but few to coldwave. Indeed here it is not as in Lyon with their alt-rock-kraut scene, or in Marseille where we greet the work of HIV+ with Unknown Pleasures Records. Here in Toulouse there are few concerts of this style, except the Discipline Festival and some evenings in a place called Le Ravelin. With a local association (Boudoir Moderne), my label launched the ‘Luxe Humide’ parties. The first one allowed us to welcome Vogue.Noir, Hausfrau and La Main. We are organizing the second round..

Do you have any other project for the future?

I work on a next EP. We also get ready to propose Blind Delon as a live band in September, 2017.