photo by Moon Dust

How does a dreamer, a dream chaser feels across the time? From the days when she-he had a blind faith in them, until the days she-he discovers that they don't come always true? Floating in a melancholical atmosphere, rarefied and ethereal, as the matter of dreams and of the immensity of the Universe is, like the music of this track and of these words; where the awareness of disillusion didn't casts away the dreams, but gives them a renoved, never ending time into Eternity. Because maybe dreams are too perfect for life, but they are waiting for us in Heaven, or maybe just because dreamers will never stop to dream, as dreams are like the fairy tales: we know that they are not true but we still love and find them beautiful.

in Onyria's dream

you were for so long in Onyria's dream
in all her thoughts flowing like a stream
when she plunged in a state of trance
and her mind was floating in a dance
when she flied away from the world
and her innermost desires unfurled
up in the sky, away from ordinary life
where fantasy and happyness are a rife

you never saw behind Onyria's eyelids
her secrets laying in these remote islands
you never sailed on the sea of her eyes
towards a place where love is the prize
towards a shelter kept jealously apart
to awaken the sweetness of her heart
to paint on her face a smile full of bliss
whispering promises inside one kiss

Now you have crossed Onyria's eyes
looking sad in a prison of mist and ice
now she's too afraid to ask you to stay
time has dyed all her dreams of grey
if you could steal for her the Rainbow
hold her in a hug that melts the snow
comfort her when the day is fading
suggest her that Heaven is still waiting

Please sing a lullaby for Onyria tonight
the story of one princess and one knight
and after take her sweetly by the hand
to bring her back home to Dreamland
if you don't know the way to go there
just close your eyes and lie beside her
she will open the door of that kingdom
where you will find love and freedom

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