On Wednesday 18 October took place the first concert of Whispering Sons in Athens-Greece, supported by local band Anima Triste. One would expect that Whispering Sons would be tired and exhausted on their last gig of their 26-date autumn european tour, but... no! One would expect that Whispering Sons would be shy and uncomfortable first time in front of the ever demanding greek audience, but... no! Whispering Sons, the 5-member young band from Belgium gave an excellent perfomance, playing all their songs and even exhausting their full setlist on their greatly urged encore.
 The band begun their show practically doing a soundcheck, then suddenly stopped to properly restart later, giving the impression of a band performing in private and not in public. However, as the setlist proceeded, pure magic happened: The band's female singer (Fenne) started gradually transforming from a sweet harmless girl to an unpredictable menacing young woman, moving and jumping all over the stage, even violently knocking down the microphone. But what really the pure magic is about, is that Fenne constantly reacts to the music produced by the rest of the band, making her self-expressive unique moves, dancing and vibrating to the rhythm, and finally succeeding in drifting the hypnotized audience along the music. There were moments that I personally felt intoxicated by the energy released, forgetting about where I was and what I was listening. Pure magic! Whispering Sons have their own distintive sound that manages to stand out: Great dominating melodic guitar, built upon a solid electronic drum pad sound, coupled with firm discreet bass, accompanied by female low-ranged emotional vocals by "Miss White Shoes" Fenne.
Best songs performed were "Strange Identities", the band's well known video single, "Perfomance" and "White Noise", the band's vinyl singles, but also my favourite "Time" from their debut album entitled "Endless Party". At the end, the band seemed very satisfied and thankfully promised to return soon! We'll be waiting!

Anima Triste were undoubtedly the perfect match to introduce Whispering Sons to the greek audience. With many similarities in their sound, the 4-member greek band gave one of their most accurate perfomances so far. Driven by their expressive passionate singer, Anima Triste performed many songs off their last year's self-titled debut album, as well as new songs waiting to be recorded for their upcoming second one.
Best moments were "All of You", the band's most well known song, "Hades" a new song played in a new way that I really enjoyed, "Idiocracy" one of my personal favourites, and finally "Believe in Nothing", the song they chose for the ending, with a great perfomance by the singer MadSad, accurately delivering the peculiar dialogue-style vocal treatments at the beginning of the song, as well as a great guitar effect treatment by the guitarist Greg Dirt at the end. Anima Triste confirmed once more that they are in excellent shape, ready for their next big step: a second album with everything and everyone included to be much much better!

photos by Nick Drivas
review by Stefan Stavrides
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