Halfway there: In 2020 Vlimmer will have completed an 18 EP journey through the gloomy genres of atmospheric music. On 1 December the German one-man project is going to release a double EP entitled “IIIIIIII” / “IIIIIIIII” (EP 8 & 9) which comprises of 10 new songs ranging from airy, haunting dream pop, catchy synth  to dense layers of sound, harsh electronic beats, sawing guitars and even a sampled Cossacks choir.    
DIE SEELE exclusively premieres the electronic dream pop-induced motoric darkwave of “Menschenschichten”. It is music for endless night drives leaving behind the bright lights of the city and the shallowness of thoughts. Digging through piles and layers of Friday night out folks the song depicts finding the one true thing in a place where you didn’t expect anything at all.

“IIIIIIII” / “IIIIIIIII” will be available as download, limited edition box set and on CDs and cassette tapes released by Blackjack Illuminist Records.