Just a few days before Christmas, on Wednesday December 20, Fabrika Records presented a very special album release night, in DeathDisco, Athens, Greece. A night with Tango Mangalore performing his new album "Dear Shore", supported by Spettro Family appearing in front of the greek audience for the first time.

Tango Mangalore, already well known in the Greek underground scene, presented his new second album (first on Fabrika Records) in his established stage presence: Sailor costume, heavy eye makeup, friendly attitude towards the audience. Whether his constant blushing smiles were signs of worried embarrassment or were given intentional, is something yet to be investigated. His short screams at the beginning of each song which I enjoyed, as well as his exceptional whispering vocal effects on some songs, reminded me of ghostly Hollywood movie pirates.

Tango Mangalore's onstage perfomance ranged from minimal synth to excessive synth punk, with echo-treated vocals delivered in high speed and energy. His set consisted of the "Dear Shore" album in its entirety, plus material from his previous works and collaborations, notably his debut vinyl album "Commandante Macabro". Most notable songs performed: "Dear Shore", "Mort Marin", "Cry Madame" and the powerful "The Menagerie".
Spettro Family, the solo project of Steve Spettro, opened the gig. Judging from the already overcrowded audience, it appears that Spettro Family has many Greek fans and many people like myself were curious about the Family's show.

Originating from Italy, having strong influences by the Italian horror movies and soundtracks both musically and visually, Spettro Family creates a show full of mystery, aiming to entertain and attract interest. "We are Spettro Family and we are a rock'n'roll band" announces Steve, obviously referring to the beloved Sisters of Mercy in a dark sense of humour. Dressed in black costume with a peculiar witch hat, face full covered like a robber, big leather gloves in his hands, the menacing slow-moving figure takes his place on stage behind the synths, producing creepy synth sounds coupled with sampled scary speeches from obscure Italian movies. The figure has brought his marionette doll with him to assist him in playing the synths, then he moves towards the audience, actually sings in a tormented voice two songs over pre-recorded music (which proved to be cover versions of songs by Drab Majesty and Zola Jesus as I was told), then jumps offstage to pass the microphone to the audience in order to scream along to the successive sampled screams sounding from the speakers. Some were really shocked or taken by surprise like me, while others found the whole thing amusing and funny.

In their 45' show, Spettro Family performed songs from their various releases in an uninterrupted continuous mix with sampled vocals and sound effects. Most notably: "Brasov Black Biserica" the Family's trademark composition from the excellent 10'' vinyl "La Famiglia Spettro", "Manhattan Baby" from the casette only album "Per Svegliare un Sonnambulo", "Diapason" from the forthcoming much anticipated vinyl album "Glow in the Dark".

Lastly, it should be mentioned that great care was taken in DeathDisco's lighting section. All lights were masterfully directed to produce dramatic visual effects combined by the artificial smoke machines, thus making both artists dominating the stage with their sole presence.

Review by Stefan Stavrides
Photos by Marilia Photopoulou
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