On the last Friday of the year, the Turkish dark wave, post-punk, goth band She Past Away gave another live performance for the Greek audience. This was their third time in Athens, playing once again at club Death Disco. Their popularity in Greece is growing every year, resulting to it being a sold out gig. Another reason for them being so well known in Greece is that their 2 albums "Belirdi Gece" and "Narin Yalnızlık" have been released by the Greek label Fabrika records.
The support act chosen was the relative new band Ghostland. Although they have been active, playing live since 2015, they still have not released any material. They have recorded material for an album and from what we learnt they are in the process of putting the final touches. Hopefully in the New Year will have something released by this promising band. As a four piece (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards), Ghostland took to the stage and presented a 45 minute set. In that time they presented many of their own songs, giving us a first taste of what to expect by them in a future release. One could say oldschool post punk, goth rock. A nice rhythm section with brooding bass and drum machine topped with atmospheric vocals and guitar. They also played two covers, The Cure’s "The Hanging Garden" and The Sisters Of Mercy’s "Heartland".

Next up on stage after a small break, the curtain opened for the much anticipated She Past Away, since the venue was well packed to full capacity. Frontman Volkan Caner (vacals, guitar) and Doruk Öztürkcan (keyboards, percussion) took their positions on stage and launched into their set playing a variety of songs from their two up to now albums. Most notable, were the favorites "Kasvetli Kutlama", "Sanri" and "Katarsis" just to name a few. Its remarkable how this band has made a name for its self being the first act of its kind to breakthrough their homeland Turkey. Considering that they sing in their native language. Possibly this and the fact that they make great music is what made it possible. They have managed by sounding like something between The Sisters Of Mercy and The Cure to create their own distinctive sound. The crowd was very responsive, dancing and cheering all through their set. Especially at the end where they cheered them on to play another three songs at the encore, showing their thirst for more.

The next day She Past Away played with the Greek act and labelmates Selofan in the town of Thessaloniki.

Review by Nick Drivas

Photos by Marilia Photopoulou (She Past Away), Nick Drivas (Ghostland).