The second Future Sonic Festival took place this year at club Death Disco. The lineup consisted of three bands, The CabinFever, Boxes Of Blow and newcomers Wanderlust. Each band featured an hour long set. It was remarkable that the turnout was really good, especially for a Sunday. Considering that the night before the club celebrated its 5th Birthday with a massive party that ended sometime in the morning!
First up on stage was the new alternative rock band Wanderlust. This was actually their first live appearance (Although its members have been active years in the scene since they used to be in bands such as Cloudscape, Goya’s Dream, Frequency On). They played very well, showing that they are tight outfit, delivering some very good melodic indie tunes.
Next up was the band Boxes Of Blow that’s starting to make a name for its self the past year. The post-punk band played a dynamic set with a much darker sound that also showed psychedelic, electronic, shoegaze and noise elements. They have a pretty dense sound fronted by their singer/bass player Thodoris Koutsogianni’s deep voice. He also has a side project going on, the darkwave synth driven Strange Sense. Boxes Of Blow played many of the songs that will be on their debut album that has been recorded and is due to be released sometime this year. Most notable where the tracks that have already been uploaded by the band such as "The Longest Lost Hope", "Your Presence" and "Feelings" with which they closed their performance.
Last up on the bill were The Cabin Fever. A new wave/post-punk band that goes way back. They were active in the 90’s and reformed last year after some 20 years! The band members have been in many bands in the past such as The Braindead, The Virgin Web, The Drops, Nexus and New Zero God. Last year they contributed to the compilation "Stimmen Der Seele Vol. 2" by DieSeele.net with their atmospheric instrumental track "Western Skies". Last night they opened their set with "Scream", a very melodic mid tempo new wave track. Then they performed some songs from their early days such as "Breathless", "Let Me In" and "Fear Of Truth" before giving us something new with "In Step With Time". Next they played a really good cover of The Sound’s "New Dark Age". The three piece delivered a really great sound, bringing to mind classic new wave from the 80s. Overall, an enjoyable night, with three bands that show that they have much to deliver and we will keep an eye out for them. 

Review / Photos : Nick Drivas