When Berlin-based Vlimmer released his first two EPs,”I” and “II”, in winter 2015 DIE SEELE described them as "two impressive releases" and “really original”.
They marked the opening of an 18-EP journey which awaits his 10th edition on 4 May. Besides the ever remaining atmospherical character of the music which is loosely based in the post-punk, shoegaze, kraut and darkwave genres, change has always been the constant.

Never has Vlimmer opened an EP in a catchier way than on the upcoming “X”:“Nachwehen” has a deep post-punk bass, a slowed down drum loop and forlorn synths. Alexander Leonard Donat sounds like a fucked-up Robert Smith who’s backed by the sound of rattling bones. With the additional glockenspiel and the piano it’s a mid-tempo song of morbid beauty that states that getting closer to the sky doesn’t necessarily make earthly problems go away.

The 30 minutes of “X” will be available on CD, cassette and as download soon.

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The Chameleons were an English post-punk band formed in Middleton, six miles north of Manchester in 1981. Known for their atmospheric, guitar-based sound and passionate lyrics, the Chameleons are regarded as one of the most underrated Manchester bands of the 1980s. Under the moniker The ChameleonsVox, they were formed by Mark Burgess (singer and bassist) of the band after The Chameleons disbanded.

With this outfit Mark Burgess preformed and brought back to life the sound and the magic of the classic songs of The Chameleons at club Death Disco in Athens last Saturday, April 21st. The gig was sold out and the venue was at its full capacity. The band played a full two hour set with all their classics, playing something from all their albums. As soon as they stepped onto the stage they launched into "Don't Fall" followed by "Here Today" and "Monkeyland" from their debut album the legendary "Script Of The Bridge" released in 1983, making the crowd go wild. The sound was terrific and the band played very well delivering the songs in the way they ought to. Songs loved and cherished by all music lovers of the new wave genre.

"Looking Inwardly" and "Perfume Garden" (another standout) from their second album "What Does Anything Mean? Basically" followed. Mark was in great shape and was very passionate, delivering hit after hit. Nearly all the hits and fan favorites were played, such as "Less Than Human". But it was the songs from their third album "Strange Times" that took up most of the set, with "Tears", "Mad Jack", "Soul In Isolation", "In Answer", "I'll Remember" and "Second Skin". The main part of their set closed with "Singing Rule Britannia". After a small break the band returned to the stage and preformed firstly "Caution" and "Swamp Thing" from "Strange Times" (which was almost played in its entirely) and their first single "In Shreds".

Review by Nick Drivas

Photos by Marilia Fotopoulou
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The Italian darkwave outfit Ash Code stepped onto the stage of Death Disco club for the second time. Since their first visit here in Athens, the band from Naples has released two albums and many singles, so they returned with a much richer setlist this time. The trio took to the stage a bit after 11:00 and after a small intro they began with "Nite Rite" from their second album "Posthuman". The fairly new project that started out in 2014 by Alessandro Belluccio (voice, programming), Claudia Nottebella (synthesizers, voice) and Adriano Belluccio (bass VI), have managed in this short time to have a significant discography and make their own signature style. Moving in the likes of new wave, darkwave, cold wave and synth-pop styles.

They continued their set with some of their better known songs such as "Empty Room" and "Oblivion". But also, they played the b-side "Rivers" from their latest single "Icy Cold", sung by Claudia bringing a more atmospheric and feminine feel. In the center of their set they played their cover of The Sound’s classic "I Can’t Escape Myself". The pace of their set was well thought of, with the crowd getting more and more into them as the concert progressed and the more diehard fans started to dance. They ended with their fist single "Dry Your Eyes", which they dedicated to Panos Dread of Geheimnis Records who was the first person that gave them opportunity to release their debute single. After a small break and the cheering of the crowd they played another three songs as encore.

Review + Photos : Nick Drivas
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