It’s always great being able to see new bands perform live. We had the chance to see on Saturday two new bands. The American band Second Still that has become widely known worldwide after the release of their debut album and the opening act Data Fragments.


The trio Data Fragments took to the stage and performed a half hour set. With Panos Dedepsidis on guitar, Stathis Leontiadis on bass and Panos Dimopoulos on synths, they gave us some really original new wave, post-punk sounding tracks, true to the 80’s spirit. Although this was their first live performance the played really well and tight. Two of their members have a history in the scene since Panos Dedepsidis previously played for the band Κωμωδία Θανάτου (Komodia Thanatou) and Stathis Leontiadis for the band Human Puppets and his solo act Doric. Out of the 7 tracks they played, one could say that the two already known from their demo "Falsifies The Facts" and "Nothing There" which was their closing track stood out.



Next on stage where Second Still, the post-punk / coldwave band from Los Angeles. This band has managed to make a name for itself in such a short time. This is because with their debut eponymous album released in 2017 they stood out immediately with their sound that was reminiscent of older days such as Siouxsie And The Banshees and early era 4AD bands such as the Cocteau Twins. Also a trio, with Ryan (guitar), Alex (bass) and Suki (vocals), Second Still delivered a nicely balanced set with songs from their up till now discography. This was also their final date of their European Tour having also performed at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig. They performed their latest EP "Equals" in its entirely, with the tracks "Opening", "Automata", "Walls", "Altar", "Ashes", "In Order" and a selections from their debut "Try Not To Hide", "Strangers", "Judgment" and one of my personal favorites "Sleep". The crowd was taken by their performance and showed their appreciation. The sound was great and the band really kicked it with Ryan’s great guitar work and Alex’s brooding bass lines topped with Suki’s almost ethereal vocal. A really great gig in general with two promising bands that surely deserve our attention.

Review : Nick Drivas
Photos : Marilia Fotopoulou