On Saturday, 15th of September, Death Disco had its live debut for the new season. Heading the bill were the German post-punk band Bleib Modern. The opening act was Mazoha a Greek artist from Thessaloniki.
Mazoha, a one man show, stepped onto the stage first. Jimmy Polioudis the singer and guitar player really took us by surprise. He also has another project called Vagina Lips. As Mazoha he was playing live for the first time at Death Disco. He showcased a nice dynamic set of songs filled with frenzy guitar. Mostly punky style with some My Bloody Valentine moments. I really liked two of his songs that had really emotional vocals, "Θύμισε Μου Να Μην Σκοτωθώ" (Remind me not to get killed) and "Τούβλα" (Bricks) taken from his first digital album "The Weight Of Existence".

The German post-punk band Bleib Modern were up next. This was the second time the band was playing live at Death Disco. They are currently on their Autumn Tour of Europe and had just performed in some other cities here in Greece. The Berlin and Munich based post-punk / cold wave band had gained many friends here from their first visit. The 5-piece band took their place on the stage and started their set of moody dark post-punk.

They opened with the track "Nothing" from their third album "Antagonism" released in 2017. Followed by tracks such as "Mindless", "Glass" and "Winter Mood" 
(from their debut album "All Is Fair In Love And War"), "Blackened Soul" and one of their most known melodic songs "I Don’t Like You" (from their second album "Vale Of Tears"), "Leave Me" and "Blue Avowal" to name a few . As a band on stage they seem to sink deep in their playing, all synchronized, building a solid moody sound, with the voice of Philipp Läufer looming over it all making the whole atmosphere very bleak. It’s not that easy nowadays to enjoy a guitar-based band especially one that has 3 guitarists! The crowd seemed to get into their brooding groove and enjoyed every minute of it. They closed their set with two new songs (
''Brian B-Goth'' and ''Ballade'') leaving the stage cheered on by the pleasured crowd.

Review & photos: Nick Drivas