The Italian folk rock band Spiritual Front from Rome returned to Greece after a few years, this time promoting their new album "Amour Braque". The opening act was the new darkwave band Grey Gallows from the town of Patra.
This was Grey Gallows second live appearance. The duo took to the stage of club Death Disco around 10:00pm and presented a 45 minute set, with Konstantin (vocals / keys) and Dionisis (Guitar / bass / keys). Their songs where all from their debut album "Tears" that was just released on cassette and digitally by Peruvian InClub Records. They started with "The Only One", "In The Mercy Of God" and their digital single "Autumn Leaf". A good mixture of melodic darkwave with goth elements backed by Konstantin’s deep vocal. The continued with "Fading", "Grey Gallow" and "Ice" before they launched into their cover of "Alice", the Sisters Of Mercy classic. They ended their set with one of their more melodic electro tracks "Under The Grey Sky".

After a short break the stage was set for Spiritual Front with "Mama Roma", the 1962 movie by Pier Paolo Pasolini, already being projected on the video wall. The trio with frontman Simone "Hellvis" Salvatori (vocals and acoustic guitar), Andrea Freda (drums) and Riccardo Galati (guitars) stepped up on stage around 11:00pm an kicked off with some of their known songs such as "Cold Love (In A Cold Coffin) " and "Darkroom Friendship" from the 2010 album "Rotten Roma Casino", "I Walk The (Dead)Line" the great "Jesus Died In Las Vegas", "Hey Boy" and "Tenderness Through Violence". Simone is a very talented frontman. Talkative with the crowd, very expressive, swaying his acoustic guitar all around. The band as a whole really played out the part with their folk rock, americana and tango elements.

On "Slave" Simone Salvatori climaxed the song ending up playing guitar on his knees. Whereas on "Bastard Angel", another of the many tracks played from their 2006 album "Armageddon Gigolo", Simone stepped down from the stage and continued playing amongst the crowd. They ended their set with "Children of the Black Light" from their latest album where at the end all three members of the band banged away on drums finishing in a very impressive way.

Review & photos: Nick Drivas