Drama Queen are a dark alternative band from Athens, Greece. They have been active since 2002. "Going Nowhere" is their second album released on their own label, Pyramid, five years after their debut "Artificial Galaxy". The new album features two new members. Iliada Kalamara on vocals and Kiki Karanikola on bass. Together with the older members, Dimitris Metania (songwriter / guitarist) and Chris Apergis (drums) they manage to keep the outfit’s tight sound in vein of what we heard on its predecessor.
 The album kicks off with the instrumental track "Cassini" that showcases their signature sound, straightforward gothic rock with post-punk elements. Nice guitar riffs, steady drum beat and brooding bass. What I really like about this band is the guitar work. Dimitris has a very unique sound, managing to play rhythm and lead guitar as one. The next song "Regrets", a darker track, was already known since the band had been playing it live. "This Narrow Place" that follows is one of the more up tempo tracks of the album that will surely catch you attention, especially I recon when preformed live. After a few listens the track "Greater Love" is a real standout. A heavy guitar riff reminiscent of Killing Joke paves the way for a dynamic track, rich with thumping drums and a nice vocal by Iliada.
 Midway with "Nuclear Winter" the tempo drops, revealing one of the softer moments of the album still keeping a dynamic touch with the help of the thumping tribal drumming before it burst to a rock steady tempo. The next three tracks "The Dance", "My Lucid Dream" and "Time Goes By" are more emotional, calmer, but without loosing the band's edge. The ending track, the eponymous "Going Nowhere" is in general the standard standout single. I was more familiar with this since it was uploaded on Youtube prior to the albums release. It sums up all their sound. Driving tight rhythm section, here with a more melodic approach, topped with Dimitris guitar layers of distorted and lush sounds.


Review by Nick Drivas