And Also The Trees are no strangers to the Greek audience. Throughout the years they have performed live in Greece many times. Last night was their second appearance at Death Disco club and as the first time the show was once again sold out! This was also a very special show for the band since it was their 500th gig.Opening act was the darkwave synth duo from Houston Texas, Tearful Moon, who are touring Europe at the moment.

The duo Tearful Moon stepped onto the stage at 10:00pm and played a 40 minute set with Manuel Lozano on electronics and Sky Lesco on vocals. An interesting act that’s starting to make a name for itself with its dark synth compositions. Singer Sky Lesco stood out with her cabaret style blonde bob haircut. Her deep voice and her slow moves where quit captivating. They closed their set with the track "Set Me Free" that was featured on the "Stimmen Der Seele" compilation by DieSeele.

After a short break, while intro music prepared us, And Also The Trees walked through the crowd and took to the stage at 11:00pm. As always, elegantly dressed, the band took their positions and started off in the best of ways with "Slow Pulse Boy". And as if things couldn't get any better "Dialogue" was played second. This band has through the years showcased a rare quality. Away from trends and the mainstream spotlight they have managed to gain a loving and loyal following. Brothers Simon and Justin Jones always know how to deliver on stage. Together with the new members, they performed as they always do with passion. Just to name a few tracks since one tends to get lost in the moment, they played "Your Guess", "Untangled Man" the older "Wallpaper Dying" was a pleasant surprise and "Gone..Like The Swallows" sounded majestic as ever. After leaving the stage, they returned for an encore with the classic "Virus Meadow" leaving the crowd clapping and cheering for more.

Review + photos: Nick Drivas