The electronic pioneer and founding father of synthpop, Gary Numan, celebrates his 40th anniversary as recording artist. During these 40 years, Numan’s impact made itself felt; his dark, paranoid vision, theatrically icy alien persona, and clinical, robotic sound were echoed strongly in the work of many goth rock, wave and industrial artists. Twenty-one years after the Numan's tribute album "Random" on Beggar’s Banquet, Dutch label Wave Tension Records releases a Gary Numan tribute album by contemporary dark wave, gothic and dream pop artists. The album contains exclusive tracks by Agent Side Grinder, Ash Code, Shad Shadows, Box and The Twins, SUIR, Synths Versus Me and Then Comes Silence. The release will be a limited edition of 250 copies on black vinyl, as well as digital formats. Artwork for the release by Abdel Ouchene.
In this song premiere, Synths Versus Me turns Numan’s monster hit “Are Friends Electric?” into a fresh synthpop & EBM take with Art of Noise-esque vocals. Big, bold and simply inspired.

Release Data
Label : Wave Tension Records
Format : LP/Digital
Release Date : December 15th 2018