Floating from one state to another: Vlimmer’s upcoming double EP “XI/XII” (out November 23) depicts the event of falling out of a perfect, yet delusional place into the terror of reality which, then again, is the gateway for something even more frightening: an out-of-body experience in which the protagonist repeatedly switches bodies with a deer he had hit in a nightly car accident. The concrete of the street serves as a death blanket, but it’s the rain that pours down with all its brutality and takes him back from his animal grave into his human body.
Regen” (German for “rain”) is said gateway. Listen to the melancholic, dreamy vocals of Alexander Leonard Donat floating on depressing darkwave synths which, occasionally, provide brief moments of blaze, while the lethargic and dull drum loop is heavily pushing the song, like a dying deer mechanically dragging itself across a rural road until there’s no power left in its body.
XI” and “XII” are going to be released on November 23 via Blackjack Illuminist Records:

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