Last night was a great opportunity for fans of the new darkwave scene to attend an interesting gig at club Death Disco in Athens, to witness 3 promising acts of the genre. It was also a special Saturday night for the bands as well since it was the last date of their European tour together.

 Box And The Twins from Cologne, Germany came up first on the bill. They appeared as a duo, with Box von Dü on vocals and Mike Reichel on guitar. It was nice seeing a band that plays darkwave in a shoegaze, dreampop feel. They created a very dreamy atmosphere playing songs from their album "Everywhere I Go Is Silence" with standout for me the better known track "This Place Called Nowhere". Box, the singer, was very emotional and esoteric, moving around singing in a trance like state with Mike on the right side of the stage picking classic ethereal tunes on his guitar. At one point he switched to bass giving a more 80’s tone in the vein of older The Cure.

 Next up was Buzz Kull, a one man act. Marc Dwyer from Sydney, Australia took us by surprise with his electro tunes. This was his first time in Greece and he seemed very happy to be here and it showed since he gave his best on stage. His sound is described as a cinematic blaze of industrial darkwave, minimal synth and post punk. From the beginning he attracted everyone’s attention with his great blasting oldschool beats, dynamic vocals and flashing projections on the stage backdrop. He played a great set with tracks like the newer "New Kind Of Cross" but also from his first album "Chroma" the songs "We Were Lovers" and "Into The Void" with which he ended his set with.

Third and final act was Hante. from Paris, France. This was Hélène de Thoury second appearance at Death Disco. She had visited the venue a year before in November 2017 so she had already created a fan base here. As soon as she took her place on stage she welcomed us to her world and began her journey with minimal synth tracks such as "Le Point De Non-Retour", "This Morning Of September", "Empty Space", "The Storm" and "Noir", ''Il n'y a qu'n pas'', something from all her releases. Hélène was very radiant singing her sighful minimal melodic tunes from behind her control board with projections constantly changing in the back. She created a very captivating atmosphere with her music and she visually gave the right touch of calm moves that the music required. On the track "Living In A French Movie" she took hold of the microphone and moved in front of the stage singingright in front of the audiance. She ended her set with a new song that she told us will be her new single, due to be released in a few weeks.You can enjoy this song and the best moments of the gig in the following videos.

 Review : Nick Drivas
Photos +Videos : Nick Drivas / Rise&Fall