Remain In Light from the northern town of Thessaloniki, Greece, released their third album in October 2018 on the Brazilian label Deepland records. The band has worked hard these last years to establish themselves on the local and global scene. Always trying to release new material and playing live, like opening for And Also The Trees in their hometown. Since forming in 2010 they have managed very well indeed, having released three albums and two singles. The recordings for their latest album took place during the summer of 2016 and then again in summer of 2017. It took a year for them to eventually have it out officially on Deepland.

Here with their third effort "The Sentinel Diaries", the band presents us with 10 new tracks. All tracks were recorded live with some overdubs added later. Something that gives the songs a more live sound and band like quality. By listening to it one can see that all the songs have a cold wave, dark punk, dark wave, gothic rock, post-punk, alternative rock direction. It’s not easy to describe their sound without listings all those tags since it is a mixture of them all. Surely their love for early 80s goth cannot be hidden.

Opener "Green Book" kicks off in a dynamic way, setting the pace for the rest of the album. Immediately one is taken by Y’s guitars that shimmer the melodic lines above the rhythm section by Constantine (bass) and Ghoul (drums) while the synth work by Joseph D' Anjou adds the final touches to the whole atmosphere. Atop we have Elder K with his characteristic, high pitched vocals, spitting out the lyrics with determination and passion. "Sons Of Terra" that follows is a great piece that has all the elements of the golden era of early goth. On "Hollow Mountain" the tempo speeds up to a more punky groove. The next tracks "The Core/The Void", "Sailing Through Empty Skies" and "One Believer" continue in the same vein more or less offering something different to the whole, with the two later ones having a slower tempo. Prior to the album "The Kiss" was also released as a digital single remixed by DJ Cruel Britannia, but here we have a different mix. The danceable new waver "Urban Traitor" has some early Cure guitar and is one of the catchy songs of the album, while "Mercury Walk" differs with its grand rhythmic stoner style and is also another album standout. The album closes with the two minute instrumental track "Brilliant Blue", a calm atmospheric piece of melodic guitar and synth.

The artwork done by graphic artist why9.gr. is yet another fab example of great aesthetics that adorn their covers. A mixture of early 80’s goth and that of the 23 Envelope graphics group of 4AD fame. The booklet also contains lyrics, credits, info and photos of the band. 

Review by Nick Drivas