Friday January 18th was a special night for DeathDisco's live stage: A music concert/recital by classical trained musicians with adaptations based on well-known songs of various aspects of the dark alternative scene (darkwave, postpunk, gothic rock, neofolk).
DeathDisco's stage was decorated accordingly: royal carpet covering the floor, plenty of pillar candles giving a warm atmosphere, a grand piano dominating the set, along with beautiful antique victorian style armchairs, as well as a stylish cello. The whole stage resembled a cabaret lounge. Upon arrival, everyone was handed a well designed printed programme, containing the setlist and credits. So, as everything seemed to have been prepared in great detail, my initial skepticism about the whole project quickly transformed into curiosity and anticipation.

The concert, executed in two parts with an intermission in-between, was arranged and directed by baritone/pianist Constantine K. ("El Fantasma"), aided by cello player Elli Filippou and female guest vocalist Elisabeth (En Garde). As was prologued, this project was actually based on an idea that was on Constantine's mind for about 15 years, waiting for the right time to be accomplished.
20 songs in total were performed, notably from classic bands like Dead Can Dance, Sopor Aeternus, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox and even Depeche Mode and David Bowie! Watching and listening to all these beloved songs by all these beloved artists, arranged and adapted for piano/cello and performed in opera-like baritone vocals, was quite an experience. It was very interesting to see and realise that each song has a soul of its own, and that soul can be transmitted with an alternate form of musical execution. Of course, trying to distinguish which songs were performed best and which weren't, is a totally subjective matter.

What matters instead, is that the three musicians offered us a passionate, emotional, well-organised and successful entertaining show, based on a concept never seen before. Many congratulations should also be given to DeathDisco, for undertaking and nicely delivering such a special event!

Review : Stefanos Stavrides
Photos : John Kokkonakis