Isolated Youth are a new post-punk band from Sweden that just released this February their debut EP "Warfare" on 12" vinyl out by the Greek Fabrika Records of the Lebanon Hanover and Selofan fame. Isolated Youth were formed in a small coastal city just north of Stockholm on the first of March in 2017 by brothers William and Axel Mårdberg along with Egon Westberg Larsson and Andreas Geidemark. Since then, the band have made several intense performances.

The EP contains 5 songs reminiscent of post-punk but with their own distinctive and original approach. First track is "Oath" that immediately catches your attention with its hypnotic melodic bassline and haunting drums. Then the guitars and vocals crash in and we are taken by their vulnerable fragility and soaring beauty. Axel Mårdberg’s high pitched emotional vocal notes collide with the ringing guitars by his brother William. Next, we have "Warfare", a subtler track characterized by its rhythmic strumming guitar and Axel’s sorrowful interpretation. The next song "Safety" was already known, since the band had made a beautiful video for it portraying the band playing in candlelit old abandoned mansion. One of the standout tracks that contains all these elements which make this band worthwhile and interesting. Melancholy melodic tunes with heartbroken vocals that climax towards the end in a rage. "Gold Lane" that follows is a gentle guitar driven slow piece that gradually grows with the whole band thumping away.  

Although they have that 80s dark sound, not everything here is black. There is a lighter element to them, a more indie approach in they way they deliver the songs that make them breathe more freely and not being pigeonholed in the dark/post-punk stereotype. Something that the I think is managed with the shimmering guitars and their distinctive vocals. This is better featured on the last track "Seasons", a wonderful catchy melodic tune that becomes instantly additive. A great fresh debut by a very promising band.

Review by Nick Drivas