Two of newest post-punk bands of the Athenian scene presented together live their debut albums at club Death Disco. Data Fragments just released their eponymous album on the Geheimnis Records label, while Ghostland had released their debut "Dances On Walls" in December on the French label Manic Depression. Both bands performed with drum machine.

First up on the stage where Data Fragments, a band founded in 2017. The three piece took to their positions and immediately plunged into their set. They opened with "Drawing Lines", "No Sign Of Life", "Grown Men" all from album, followed by their cover "Dance" by Boris Dzaneck. Stathis Leontiadis (known also for his previous acts Doric and Human Puppets) was on bass. His playing was brutal, thumping the basslines like there was no tomorrow. While Panagiotis Dedepsidis on vocals and guitar with Panos Dimopoulos on keys (both formerly in the band Komodia Thanatou) delivered their distorted riffs and melodies efficiently, giving the whole a cutting edge feel. One of the standout moments was when they played one of their most known songs "Falsifies The Fact". They continued with "Distant Lies", "Walking In The Rain" (another great song from the album that starting to attract attention), a new untitled track ending with "Nothing There" where it climaxed with a wail of distortion and feedback.

Next up where Ghostland, a darkwave, post-punk band formed in 2015. This time they appeared with the original three piece format with Makrina on vocals, Nikos on bass and Argyris on guitar and keys. They started with "Against The Light" the last track from their debut album. A slow song that introduced us to their more dark and atmospheric sound. Then they played more tracks from the album like "Leave Behind", "Wind Of Knives", "Sway", "Don’t Wait", "Ice Song" and "Lifeblood" one of their most known songs. Their sound was really good, as they delivered the tracks as heard on the record. Their signature sound of deep bass, atmospheric vocals and guitar parts make this band very intriguing. They continued playing an unknown song, then one of my favorites "The Dancing Crowd", ending their set with another two new songs. The new material sound great and dark so we are anticipating to hear their new stuff in the future. After the demand of the crowd their played for an encore their cover of "Heartland" by the Sisters Of Mercy.

Review + photos: Nick Drivas