On Saturday, March 30th, we witnessed a very special show at Death Disco in Athens. The project Hackedepicciotto that consist of Alexander Hacke (of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten) and Danielle De Picciotto (of Space Cowboys) performed as a duo their unique music. The support band chosen for this event was The Man & His Failures, side project of Manos K. from Mani Deum.

The Man & His Failures played a half hour set. Frontman Manos K. appeared with a new line up of musicians at his side, with Alekos Sorros (keys), Memos Pilaftsis (guitar) and Dimitris Georgopoulos (bass). They began with tracks from his debut "Persona Non Grata" E.P. like the title track, "If Mississippi John Hurt Knew What I've Done" and "Bathed In Moonlight" showcasing his more crooning side. Second song they performed was the Mani Deum track "Love Like Berlin" and them the cover "Twist In My Sobriety" by Tanita Tikaram where things started to get more electronic. This new more electro orientated direction was also the case with the next song, a new track played for the first time live. Although the electro elements stood out they balanced well with the projects sound with the persistence of the spacey guitar riffs and bass.

Next, Alexander Hacke and Danielle De Picciotto took to the stage taking their positions, with Alexander on the left, Danielle on the right, both seated. As always Alexander was barefoot holding his six string bass. While just a foot away was Danielle with her violin and hurdy gurdy. They started with "All Are Welcome", a gentle song sung by both that proved to be a very nice introduction to their music. Next was "Dreamcatcher", also from their 2017 Hackedepicciotto album "Menetekel". On "Awake", one of the only songs I was familiar with, Alexander looped the guitar part and took to drumming and also singing with his deep droning voice. At this point, Alexander found the opportunity to tell us that he and his wife Danielle have left their physical, “architectural” home in Berlin in pursuit of a freer environment of commune away from the gentrified situation of today’s society. Something they still have not found. With this they played their next song "Long Way Home". For one and a half hours, the duo captivated the crowd that had filled the club with their splendid soundscapes. A crowd that was captivated by the droning vocals, Alexander’s improvisations on bass, with the warmth of Danielle’s violin and her spoken word poetry. As we have already mentioned, it was a unique show by two very talented artists that returned to the stage for an encore after the warm reception that was given to them by the audience.

Review + Photos: Nick Drivas