Siberia are an English goth rock band formed by Matt Wyatt on vocals and Dave Drum on guitars and all other instruments. They were both formerly together in the 90s gothic rock band Vendemmian. As Siberia, they released their debut album "Turning Back Tides" in 2017 and have played live around England and in Germany, Greece and Italy. I then had the opportunity of seeing them live when they played at club Death Disco in Athens together with the local bands Drama Queen and Mosquito and witnessed first hand how this band perform perfectly its emotional tunes on stage.

Exactly two years after their debut, the band have managed to release their second album "The God Complex" again on the Swiss Dark Nights label. On this new offering, the band follows the same path as on their first album. Gothic rock that is enhanced with Matt’s emotional vocals and Dave’s great trademark atmospheric guitars. Something that is immediately noticed with the opening track "Sleepwalking". Things start to get more dynamic with the next song "Lone Star State of Mind" that is more of a rocker and surely stands out. On "Walk Through Walls" we get a heartbroken track of a relationship gone bad while on "Crows" the mood lightens up a bit. Midway we get "The Way Of The World" where to beat drops and they explore ones inner struggle of life’s burdens.

The second part of the album starts with the upbeat "Starting Fires" that states a feeling of longing and regret. Then we have a change in mood with "Walking In A Dead Man's Shoes". A slow track driven by bass and drum machine with the guitars swirling in the back setting a dark bleak landscape. Next is "Memphis" a classic Siberia track, one that could be a single with its memorable chorus before they launch into the darker "Blackwater", a song about belief with some religious references. The album finishes with the short ballad "Sims Song", ending the record on a sweeter tone.

With this album, Siberia have managed once again to deliver a very emotional intense moody piece of work. One that really makes an enjoyable listen. It’s one of those records that you can really get into especially when listening alone, paying attention to every sound and being sucked in to its vortex. All ten tracks are really good and have a great flow making it hard to choose only one or two favorites.

Review by Nick Drivas