The 90’s gothic rock band Children On Stun split up while in the process of recording their follow-up album, to be named "Prostitute Malfunction", after their last album "Mondo Weird" released in 1997. After a long hiatus, the band reformed in 2015. Since then, things weren’t so easy for the band. Their guitarist Simon Manning passed away shortly after the reunion and was replaced by Stuart Harper for the following live appearances. With the lineup now featuring old members Neil Ash (vocals) and Kyle Whipp (bass) and new recruit Stuart Harper (guitar), they began recording new material. While things were looking promising, they called it quits leaving fans in the cold again.

Then in 2018 they started up again with a new guitarist, Gord Young (previously of Pretentious Moi?, Seraphin Twin, The Dream Disciples) and finished recording their new songs. In March 2019 they finally released the EP "Echoes" with 5 new tracks on the UK independent label Armalyte Industries.

The new CD begins with the title track "Echoes". A classic single in my opinion. An upbeat track with a catchy chorus. Here we find the band in their familiar turf, delivering straightforward speedy goth rock with a pop approach and with Neil Ash delivering a great passionate vocal. The thing I always loved about this band was that they write songs with pop tendencies not being trapped only in the doom and gloom of goth. One could say they're just an alternative band with a dark twist. Although we do get the trademark gothic rock recipe, with drum machine and classic guitar riffs, the band has a feel-good let’s have fun vibe. Next track "All The Pain Of Love", the tempo drops a bit revealing a nice mid-tempo song with nice bass and guitar parts. While on the slower "Signs" that follows, we have another emotional vocal from Neil. This track, a sort of ballad, was already known by their fans, since it has been played live prior to this release. After a few piano motifs, things speed up again on "Another Love Another Beginning" reminding us of the classic Stun songwriting of their earlier days. The EP ends with "Echo", that is a remake of the title track. Here in another stripped down mix with only atmospheric keyboards and vocals. In general, we have a very descent release, that sounds fresh but still holds all the elements that made this band loved throughout the years.

Reviewed by Nick Drivas.