In March 2019, Geheimnis Records released on vinyl the debut self tiled album from Data Fragments, a new wave band from Athens, Greece. The bands members have a history on the local scene. Singer and guitarist Panos Dedepsidis and Panos Dimopoulos on synths, used to be together previously in the band Κωμωδία Θανάτου, while on bass we find Stathis Leontiadis, known from his other projects Doric and Human Puppets.

From the opening track "Grown Men", the listener is immediately introduced to their characteristic sound. Reminiscent of all those early 80s underground new wave bands with the DIY attitude that flooded the European scene back then. Next, we get one of the highlights of the album with the frantic "Falsifies The Facts". A great track that stands out with its tight rhythm section of brooding bass and drum machine, topped with nice razor sharp guitar riffs. The mid temp track "Drawing Lines" that follows showcases a darker atmosphere where the synths are given space to expand their melodic textures. On "No Sign Of Life", singer Panos delivers a very good melancholic vocal. Something that really adds to the whole feel of the album, that of the cold wave / cold war era. The same can be said for "Distant Lies", where all colors are shades of grey. The other highlight of the album is "Walking In The Rain". Here the band are more melodic but moody at the same time. A bleak setting but with a touch of warmth, a composition with a nostalgic dramatic tone “A mellow silence breaks like glass, like statues standing, gazing in the dark…”. The closing track "Nothing There" was one of their already known songs, since it was on their demo. Here they speed up the pace ending the album in a more dynamic way with the guitars screaming in full feedback.

The album comes on black and transparent cyan blue vinyl. The artwork, by Alexandra Karagiannidou, fits perfectly with the music, transferring us to an age where the new wave was at its peak and responsible for some of the decade’s masterpieces. I think this album deserves the attention from all those who love the classic new wave sound. The band have created an authentic mix of songs that make the album a very enjoyable listen in its whole, without becoming at all tiring since it only has 7 tracks.

Review by: Nick Drivas.