Malefixio are a Deathrock, sinister dark post-punk band from Barcelona, Spain. The trio consists of Eva LadyStardust (vox, lyrics), Jordi Nozin (guitar) and Mauricio (bass/drum programming). Since forming in 2016 they have released the album "Culto a lo Invisible" in 2018.

We see that the band formed in Barcelona in 2016. By February 2017 you had released a demo on Bandcamp with 2 songs that started to make Malefixio known. Tell us how about the first years and how it was starting afresh again, having in mind that Eva was previously in the goth rock band La Peste Negra?

Eva wanted to sing in a band again, a new different band. So we joined at first to play a cover and see if the feeling flowed between us. We prepared a cover, "Trivialita" by Madre del Vizio and after that we began to rehearsal 2 times per week and ok, here we are. 

What was the reaction after the release of your first demo? Did you get a lot of positive feedback that helped you continue in what you were doing?

Yes, we had a positive feedback about it. People liked our 2 songs a lot. We even had some record proposals from different labels. In that time we had 3 songs more and we thought to release an EP, but after we wait a little more and we decided to released our first album. 
All through the years, there was always a small deathrock scene around the world. Small and cult one might say. How do you see things today for a band that follows this genre?

It’s a very strange global world nowadays. It’s that moment in the history when we have more easy access to information but at the same time people are very lazy. I remember in the 90s we discovered bands when they had split up. We had fanzines and people really involved in the scene, parties were full of young people and we used to change cassettes/cds between us with new bands. Nowadays we discover bands just by their first song, it’s amazing. For us it’s really good and we buy music directly from the bands. Even we play with a lot of new and incredible bands of that moment: Date at Midnight, Ötzi, Second Still, Chain Cult, Jackaline... Things changed but now there are a lot of new people that like darkwave/deathrock/postpunk bands and this is really good. 
We are lucky, people come to our concerts and we are very grateful about it. We think it is a good moment to create a band. 

Last year in 2018 Malefixio released their first album called "Culto a lo Invisible" via Fairy Dust Records, a label from Helsinki. How was the process in making your debut? Did the band have any help or was it the traditional DIY effort?

We recorded "Culto a lo Invisible" in our friend’s studio. Satantoni is a diy studio by My Own Burial band creator. We stayed several months to record it during winter/spring 2018.
The cover is a collage made by Eva of Viridiana, a movie by Spanish surrealistic master Luis Buñuel. The symbols is a defixio, part of our name. A defixio was a Mediterranean curse, before Christ era, written on the graves for wish the worst luck to enemies even after death. This way the enemies didn’t come back for revenge.

What subject matters do your song’s lyrics have? What are your major influences and what inspires you in general?

In general life. Specific Mediterranean/Persian mythology, paganism, witchcraft, ancient civilitations...

We see that you like playing live and that you have shared the stage with bands like The Beauty of Gemina, Ötzi, Chain Cult from Greece, Second Still, Fangs On Fur and Date At Midnight to name a few. How is it for you to appeared on stage and perform before an audience? Any memorable moments from playing live?

Playing in front of an audience is a theatrical way to show your music. We don’t just play, we would like to make the public travel to our world. 
Every concert have memorable things for sure. 

Except playing live in Spain, you have travelled also to France and Germany. Are Malefixio a band that would like to play all over the world? Any place in particular that you would like to play?

Yes of course, we love to play live. We would love to play in every city in the world. We are open to all promoters, they can write to us. 
About playing in special places...We would love to play in ruins, castles, temples... any special place full of telluric energy.

What are you plans for the future? Will we be having a new album from you anytime soon?

We are working on new songs. We would like to release an Ep for 2020.

Interview by Nick Drivas.