Velouria Recordz is the new Montreal DIY record label founded in 2019 by Maxime Wingender and Frank Marsan from the Canadian post-punk, shoegaze band The City Gates. Northern Noise vol. I is a compilation that features 20 tracks of all original songs by modern post-punk, coldwave, darkwave, shoegaze, krautrock and noise pop bands from the Province of Quebec, CA. features, among others, La Mécanique, Non-Lieu, The City Gates, Palissade, Jet Black, Silver Dapple, Traces and Sarajevo & Moi, which is the new project by Michel Mercier from the Canadian classic 80s-90s new wave band Handful of Snowdrops. The compilation has been premiere on the Big Takeover Magazine. Northen Noise vol. I is available now as a free digital download on Bandcamp. The label expects to release the compilation via a special limited edition run of 100 cassettes very soon!