Autumn are a Minneapolis melodic, dark pop band, that returned last year with the new full-length album "Chandelier" released in 2018 on Sett Records. The album was produced, recorded and mixed by William Faith (Faith And The Muse). The band where known from the 90's when they released their ethereal/goth debut album "The Hating Tree". The reunited band will be playing their first ever European show in June, appearing at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2019.

The trio consisting of Julie Plante (vocals), Jeff Leyda (bass) and Neil McKay (guitars) has always sought to create melodies that get the listener to feel something deep, having that ability to haunt you in some way. With the album "Chandelier", Autumn have picked up where they left off, with their distinctive sound and style.

From the very first track "Beginnings" you get the feeling that the album will be great listen. A fresh sound that contains all the elements that made this band so loved back in the day. On "The Maiden’s Child" that follows, things become darker reminding us of their older work. A harder track with powerful guitar and dynamic vocals. The third track "The Fall", was originally released prior to the album as a single. This was the song with which Autumn reemerged after their 18-year hiatus. A good choice of single and a great song in general that features all the qualities this band has proved to behold all these years. Melodic dreampop with ethereal touches that still maintain a darkwave base.

The album continues in the same vein with tracks like "Soulsong", "Damage", "Shadowgirl II", "Away" that have the bands signature sound, of lush melodic tunes with emotional passionate vocals. "At Summer’s End" is another powerful track with great oldschool gothic rock guitars, thumping drums and Julie’s passionate vocals. Whereas with "From Under The Waves" and "My Last Confession" we have a shift in sound, since here the band blend electronica in the mix, while "Just Before The Storm" is a piano driven ballad. Towards the album’s end we have the slower, more atmospheric track "White Light" and the harsher "A Vow Worth Keeping" with that shoegaze alt. rock feel. The disc closes with the dark pop title track "Chandelier". For an album with a tracklist of 14 songs, one can say that the band has done a really good job, since the whole is an enjoyable listen. Kudos also go to William Faith for producing this lovely album. A great choice since he has been in the scene so long and knows how to produce this particular sort of sound.

Review by Nick Drivas