Conjecture is an experimental, electronic, dark ambient, drone noise, post-industrial project from Athens, Greece. A solo project that explores the thin line between sound and visual arts that started in 2013 by the contemporary artist Vasilis Angelopoulos. His brand new forth full-length album titled "V" was released in May 2019 by the Bulgarian label Amek and will also be his first to appear on vinyl.

The album features six tracks, all named in Greek, something that he’s done for the first time on his releases. Each track on the album reflects a fragment of a bigger entity, which by its end becomes whole. "V" as stated by its creator, unveils the materiality of flesh and the frailty of thoughts, personality and physical restrictions. On this album Conjecture seeks a new concept for the human being and its very existence beyond logic. He states that this album is an obsessive manifest against the flesh-cage, a hymn for the consciousness, found standing silent in the background and reflects the true nature and cause of personal existence.

The opening track "
Ύπνος" (Sleep) is a dreamy piece that conjures up what it would be like if you were in a hypnotic state. On the post-industrial "Σώμα" (Body) that follows, things become darker and more nightmarish as he creates an apocalyptic soundscape. The next track "Τέφρα" (Ashes), will throw you deep into the harsh sonic realms he’s exploring. An ambient track with a great rhythmic drum pattern composed by industrial noises and a massive sub-bass drum. The official video for "Τέφρα" was made by Dimitris Sakkas who used raw video footage done by Vasilis Angelopoulos himself.

By listening to "Κρόνος" (Cronus, the King of the Titans and the god of time), one feels like floating through space and time, a journey to the unknown. Vasilis Angelopoulos showcases here his ability to create dark ambient tracks filled with industrial noises, neatly placed in his synthesis. This is also the case on "Τύρβη" (Noise/turbulence) but even more mechanic, with a lot of metallic sounds and machinery noises used in the mix. On the closing track "Σάρκα" (Flesh) a poem by Νίκος Εγγονόπουλος is used. The voice heard here on "Σάρκα" is by Vaia Pilafa who also has taken the cover photo featuring model Hawk Stigmata.

The whole disc is a philosophy against physical materiality, an anti-body statement. The individual's disengagement from the human body and from all kinds of physical hypostases is portrayed through unconventional industrial sound forms. Sometimes being oneiric, sometimes frozen and aggressive.

Review by Nick Drivas