The Greek post-punk/dark rock band Anima Triste presented their second album "Humanity" at Death Disco club in Athens on Saturday, May 18th. The band set the release and presentation date on the day of Ian Curtis’s suicide, since Ian and Joy Division are one of their major influences. A night of mixed emotions, bittersweet as stated by their singer Mad Sad, since they celebrated the release and “birth” of their second opus and the passing of the legendary singer.

The band gave a two hour stunning and full of soul performance. They began with songs from the new album like "Humanity", "The Underrated Mob", "Hades", "Scars Of The Moon", "Shadows", "Uoy" (on which a friend and brief older member Corvus Necro stepped onto the stage and sung with the band), "Everything Tasteless", "Falling", "Intoxication" and "Face in a Mask". The band performed better than ever and the new songs sounded amazing. They have gone to another level with their songwriting, that has matured and has become more textured and complex compared to their older classic darkwave/post-punk approach.

At this point , it was time for them to pay homage to their hero Ian Curtis. Candles where laid down on the stage in the shape of his name and they played their first Joy Division cover, the song ‘’shadowplay’’. Then they performed a selection of songs from their debut eponymous 2016 album. ‘’Idiocracy’’ , ‘’All Of You’’ , ‘’Misery’’ , ‘’Believe In Nothing’’ , ‘’Nightmares’’ , ‘’You Don’t Belong To The Stars’’ where all performed with the passion and dynamic that the band is accustomed to.

Another Joy Division cover was played, an intense version of "Twenty Four Hours" and straight after that, the song "Schizofrenia Solitaire", a brand new song they presented live for the very first time. A song they said would be included on their next 3rd album. They closed their set with their self tiled epic track "Anima Triste". After ending their scheduled set, with their fans cheering for more, they played as an encore the song "Dirt" from their debut.

Review + photos: Nick Divas