On Friday the 3rd of May at The Crow club we saw the dark alternative band Drama Queen returning to the stage after a two year absence. They last played live exactly two years before when they opened for the UK goth band Siberia at Death Disco. Since then, the band has released their second album "Going Nowhere" and this was the first time they performed it live in its entirely.

The opening act was a new band called Every Sunday. Although I knew nothing about this band and didn’t know any of their songs, they were enjoyable to watch. Their style could be categorized as alternative rock with many dark elements. Their frontman and singer who was wearing a mask and a top hat gave their performance a more theatrical tone.

Drama Queen kicked off with the opener of their latest album, the instrumental track "Cassini". Then singer Iliada stepped onto the stage and joined the rest of the band and they performed "Regrets", "The Dance", the speedy "This Narrow Place", "My Lucid Dream", the dynamic "Greater Love" and "Time Goes By", all from their latest album. They proved to be a very tight outfit, playing very well together with a bulk clear sound. Especially for a band that hadn’t played live for two years! Iliada sung with expression, Dimitris guitar sounded great as always, Chris on drums was focused on his hard thumping while Kiki on bass delivered some really awesome basslines.

In the second part of their set they played two new songs, "Lie" and "Closer", before they played the tracks "Nightmares", "Questions To Be Answered", "My Rain", "Echoes" and "Humans" from their debut album "Artificial Galaxy". They finished their set with two songs from their latest album, the eponymous "Going Nowhere" and "Nuclear Winter". Their show was a great comeback and we wish to see them again soon.

Review + photos by Nick Drivas