The 28th annual Wave-Gotik-Treffen will take place from June 7th until June 10th, 2019 in the city of Leipzig in Germany. The festival focuses on Dark Alternative music and arts, especially on the gothic, (steam)punk, new wave, electro, EBM, industrial and medieval music and (sub)culture. “WGT”, the world’s largest goth festival, is not only a highlight for fans of the Gothic scene, but also for the inhabitants of the city, who have loved the festival and its visitors, who dressed in black swarm the streets of Leipzig. Besides live concerts there are two medieval markets, art exhibitions, readings, classical concerts and theater performances. Another highlight is the Victorian Picnic that takes place on the first day. At night, the party continues at several clubs where international DJs play different dark styles from 80s to industrial. Approximately 200 international artists are on the list this year, spread over many locations. At this moment the program is not complete yet, but as usual some great names in the black scene are already confirmed, like: Alien Vampires (GB), Ashram (I), Automelodi (CDN), Autumn (USA) first European show, Cat Rapes Dog (S) exclusive German reunion show, Christian Death (USA), Cradle of Filth (GB), Das Ich (D), Dear Deer (F), Escape with Romeo (D), Faun (D), Geometric Vision (I), Gitane Demone Quartet GDQ (USA), Goethes Erben (D), Grausame Töchter (D), hackedepicciotto (D/USA), Hante. (F), Haujobb (D), In Strict Confidence (D), Inkubus Sukkubus (GB), King Dude (USA) full-band show, Kælan Mikla (ISL), La Scaltra (D), Lene Lovich Band (GB) exclusive German festival show celebrating the 40th anniversary of the album "Stateless", Light Asylum (USA), London After Midnight (USA), Nachtmahr (AT), Near Earth Orbit (D), New Model Army (GB), Nitzer-Ebb (GB), October Burns Black (GB), Sad Lovers and Giants (GB), Selofan (GR), Shadow Project 1334 (USA) first show of Eva O, William Faith and Stevyn Grey in 27 years, She Pleasures HerSelf (P), Solar Fake (D), The Adicts (GB), The Cassandra Complex (GB), The Soft Moon (USA), UK Decay (GB), Unto Ashes (USA) feat. Michael Popp (QNTAL, Estampie), Velvet Acid Christ (USA), Welle:Erdball (D) and [x]-Rx (D).