Alien Creation is a new electronic, gothic, industrial project from percussionist Chris Clark based in London. Chris Clark is known for being the drummer of the 90’s gothic rock act Nosferatu. He is also involved in the new reincarnation of The Nosferatu who are making a new start this autumn. Alien Creation have also performed live with additional members on live bass and guitar. The EP "Unique Lab Accidents" is his first self-release which includes six tracks.

The EP starts off with "Alien Prototype". A catchy dance track with a dynamic beat, with thumping powerful basslines and waves of electronic sonic sounds. "Fighting The Future Demons" that follows is a darker track, while "Terminal Distortion" is a much faster track with break beats and distorted vocals. On "Into The Dark" we have a thump of a more monotonous techno beat with the vocals retaining their industrial roughness. With "Alien Machines" the stumping beat continues but here with o more gothic vibe. The EP closes with "Into The Dark (No Regret Mix)", here with a more playful mix exploring the unlimited possibilities of programming.

With this release Chris Clark showcases his infectious dance tracks that probe deeply into the senses with the ‘power of the bass drum’ his signature driving force behind his unique sound. The act describes it sound like IAMX meets The Prodigy mixed with a dash of Combichrist and Orgy. By listening to the tracks here, they brought to mind Alien Sex Fiend’s 1994 album "Inferno" that was their most sci-fi, space orientated work.

Review by Nick Drivas.