The dark alternative/post-punk band Electro Vampires from Thessaloniki, Greece returned this year with their second album "Ignorance And Violence". Don’t be fooled by the band’s name. This isn’t an electro goth act, the Electro Vampires are a pure dark rock n’ roll 5-piece band that play a perfectly balanced crossover of alternative rock, psychedelic rock and goth rock, with a bloodsucking thirst to express themselves with their music. Their debut "Behind The Eyes Of The Shadow" was released seven years ago, an album that made them a name together with their dynamic live appearances.

The album opens with "Black On Black", a great example of their sound that blends dark alt. rock with some psychedelia. "Raven"  that follows is a darker tune that has some 60’s psych vibe to it, retaining their vampiric feel and aesthetic. With "Traitors On The Floors" the band jams away sounding like something coming out of the 70’s. The rhythm speed picks up on "Actions Speak Louder Than Words", a garage punk track full of fuzzy guitars and a groove. A nice cover of The Doors song "L.A. Woman" follows.

Their dark psychedelic tripping continues with "Katla" that features some eastern elements. They return to familiar turf with "Black Bone", a characteristic track of their songwriting that showcases all members bringing in their best. While with "Corrosion" and "Violence" they give us some of their dark rock, that just proves the bands statement that with their new album they sound more like themselves rather than their influences. Although on "Let’s Play With Gods" we do get some of the early Bauhaus electrifying dynamic. The album closes with "A Little Bird" that actually does start with some “electro” bleeps, but it turns out not being an electro track at all, but a funky based tune with wha guitar. Overall a great sounding album by a band that really strives to deliver quality to their music. And beware, the Vamps are coming again… thirsty for more!

Review by Nick Drivas