The darkwave band She Past Away, with signature guitar sound of the 80’s post-punk era that sing in Turkish, have returned with their new long awaited album. It’s been almost four years since the release of the band’s sophomore album "Narin Yalnızlık". Since then Turkish duo has established themselves as one of the most influential and successful genre-defining acts throughout the world.

The new album "Disko Anksiyete", released on the 31st of May 2019, finds the band experimenting old-new aesthetic of synth music into their core guitar work. The album offers 10 songs with well-crafted synth lines, calmly echoing vocals and liquid guitar melodies in an emotional build sparkling through the foreground. All the compositions and lyrics are provided from singer/guitarist Volkan Caner, while the production is done by Doruk Ozturkcan. Once again, they use Turkish lyrics, but for the first time ever they use Spanish on the track "La Maldad". Probably due to singer Volkan who has been living in the present in Spain.

The album begins with "Boşluk (Intro)" (Space), a nice intro instrumental track that features wonderful synths and electronic drumming. "Durdu Dünya" (Stopped World) that follows is a great example of their capability to showcase 80’s darkwave into their sound. A warm touching song with some great Cure/New Order guitar/bass riffs. On the album title track "Disko Anksiyete" (Disco Anxiety) things start getting more rhythmic. A dancefloor orientated track that has the ability to make you dance with its 80’s groove. Following is "Izole" (Insulating) a classic She Past Away track with Volkan’s characteristic deep vocal. As mentioned before, with "La Maldad" (Evil) the band has its first Spanish moment. Besides this, I think this is also their poppier moment to date.

On the B side of the vinyl album (second part of the CD) we get "Renksiz" (Colorless), a solid synth track with a dominant driving rhythm leaving Volkan’s role of singing and guitar work laid in the back. While on "Sonbahar" (Autumn) that follows, his liquid guitar comes back to the foreground together with some terrific synth lines that really bring to the whole atmosphere. Their new approach of synth work is once shown again on "Girdap" (Whirlpool) that has a synthwave vibe. Next is "Yükseliyor Deniz" (Rising Sea) that is probably the most emotional song on the record with is psychological loaded chorus, leaving for finale the emotionally bleak "Ağıt" (Lament) but nevertheless human and warm in feeling.

In the last 7 years, She Past Away have scored numerous crowd-puller performances all around the world releasing 3 albums. They have matured from the dynamic darkwave/post-punk of their debut "Belirdi Gece" released in 2012 and progressed even further from their second effort "Narin Yalnızlık". They seem to have filled a void in the scene with their songs, that have that perfect mixture of darkwave, post-punk, goth and minimal synth.

cover photo by Marilia Fotopoulou
Review by Nick Drivas