It was 6 years ago that the Brooklyn, New York electro-goth duo Light Asylum last performed in Athens. Last Saturday we had the opportunity to see them live once again at club Death Disco, but this time singer/frontwoman Shannon Funchess performed alone without Bruno Coviello. Despite being alone on stage Shannon manage to fill the stage with her dynamic persona. 

She began her live set with the song "Hour Fortress" from their 2012 debut album, a good example of Light Asylum’s dark electro style. Shannon captivated us immediately with her strong deep voice. Her appearance was dark urban style, wearing a leather cap, shorts and leather wedge sole boots, dancing in the dark with a flashlight. She continued delivering her dynamic electronic beats with tracks like "Pope Will Roll", "IPC" (on which she stepped down from the stage and continued singing amongst the crowd) and "Skull Fuct" from the 2010 "In Tension Tour E.P.".
In her hour log set Shannon, full of energy, kept delivering her dark synth techno tunes like "End Of Days" with her totally unique sounding voice. For the end she played us her ultimate club dancefloor mega-hit "Dark Allies". Here things climaxed with the crowd going wild, dancing and jumping in the air, while Shannon stepped into the crowd again singing and moving with her characteristic style. For the finale she sung us a new song, leaving her fans cheering with appreciation.

Review + photos by Nick Drivas