The Low Sun Festival was created by the Greek hard gothers Mosquito, with the aim of establishing it each year and hosting bands & Dj's of the general Goth/Darkwave sound. A celebration where the Dark Element will have its honor. This year the second Low Sun Festival was hosted once again at club Death Disco with the lineup consisting of Grey Gallows, Cold Remembrance and Mosquito.

First up were darkwavers Grey Gallows. They presented a set with old and new songs. They began with "Fading" from their first album "Tears", continuing with the newer songs "Last Day On Earth" and "Fuel For Rage". Then the singer Fay Byrd joined the duo on stage for the song "She Ends Herself". Another new track "On The Dancefloor" was played, followed by the better known "Ice". The band gave a great performance and are becoming better with every live appearance. They finished with their dynamic cover of "Alice" by The Sisters Of Mercy.

Next up was the goth metal band Cold Remebrance who after an intro they plunged into "Memories Remain", "Angel" and "Aurura Autumn" from their 2017 debut album "Visions From A World Apart". Apart from the two covers "Billet Doux" (The Wounded) and "My Darkness, Darkness" (Bessech) they played the new songs "Fallen Star", "Forever And A Day" and "The Manikin", with which they ended, that will be included on their new album. Their songs where enriched by Romanos deep emotional voice and by the keyboards that brought a more atmospheric tone to their goth rock/metal tunes.

The night ended with Mosquito. This five-piece hard goth band delivered a dynamic set. They began with a newer song "Lost Victories" and then with "Indirect Kiss", "Y", "C(h)esspit Queen" and "Deeper Outlook" from their debut album "Interlacing Eternity" that was released on Brazilian label Deepland records in 2017. In-between they played other new songs like "To Infinite", "Vainess, Ever-Changing" and "Morena" that will probably be included on their next album. Their frontman Lupe gave a dynamic performance backed by the band and their new member, John Morris on bass, who has become a permanent fixture.

Review+Photos : Nick Drivas