Das Noir is a new dark project from Athens created in 2019 by Nick Drivas, member also of the ethereal wave band The Moon In June. With his solo project Das Noir, he has a more experimental approach, using many samples taken from movies and music. This gives a more minimal and cinematic feel to his music. Samples used, as we see credited on the booklet, range from bands like Bauhaus, The Cure, Xmal Deutschland, Dalis Car, Dead Can Dance, Death In June, The Sisters Of Mercy, This Mortal Coil, and Lycia to name a few. An interesting pick of which many can not be easily identified in their new form.

The album begins with "Forbidden" which after a short intro of a dialogue from the film Fahrenheit 451, the track bursts with the thumping of the monotonous drums and a haunting piano. Somewhere in the mix we hear the voice of David Bowie too, amongst some medieval choir. On "Corrupt To The Core" that follows, we have a more atmospheric piece, with evident the use of samples from This Mortal Coil. The dialogues used from the movie 1984 are compelling. Next is the creepy track "In The Dark", inspired by the 1962 American horror film Carnival Of Souls. "Cured" that follows is a tribute to The Cure, where all the samples are taken from various songs from the Cure’s catalogue. For the use of vocals, the voice of Robert Smith has been taken from an interview.

Further down we find "Alas, How Many Thousands Lie There Bleeding!" a slow drone like track about the Great War with dialogues taken from the classic war movie All Quiet On The Western Front. Next is "Truth" a more intense track with the rhythm enhanced with metal noises and breaking glass. Parts of Molly Ringwald’s voice from the 80’s movie Pretty In Pink are carefully chosen giving a very emotional result. On "Remember", Nick also plays bass and guitar on top of samples taken from Death In June. Here we have a more glamorous choice of vocals with those of Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davies from the movies Just A Gigolo and All About Eve. The album closes with "B-city", a song about the turbulent history of the city of Berlin. Here Nick plays bass, guitar, keyboards and sings also. The result is that of a minimal post-punk coldwave track, like those found on obscure cassette compilations in the early 80’s.

Review: Rise&Fall