The post-punk band Isolated Youth from Stockholm performed live for the first time in Athens Greece at club Death Disco. The four-piece, consisting of brothers William (guitar) and Axel Mardberg (vocals) together with Egon Westberg Larsson (bass) and Andreas Geidemark (drums), gave an intense emotional show.

They started with Andreas drumming the intro of "Oath", one of their more known songs. Then singer Axel stepped onto the stage joining the rest of the band and started singing with his characteristic style. Their set list had songs like "Seasons", "Warfare" and "Safety" from their stunning debut five track EP "Warfare" that was released earlier this year on Fabrika Records, together with many new songs. Surely their already known songs stood out but we got a chance to listen to their unreleased material. Many of which sounded very promising. Singer/frontman Axel drew the attention of the audience with his stage theatrics. Performing passionately and expressive, moving and dancing in his own way, singing his vulnerable doom gloom emotional lyrics. He also played guitar and keys on some of the new songs.

The band, that has already created its own distinctive sound (a mixture of post-punk and indie), performed well. Especially if you consider how young they are, having formed in 2017, having released only one EP and a handful of shows. Guitarist William stood tall in his black suit strumming and playing his ringing guitar lines. While bassist Egon Westberg Larsson and drummer Andreas Geidemark played tightly together their strong and evocative, bass lines and sometimes haunting drums. After a fifty minute set, they left the stage to return a while later to perform two last new songs that left a really good impression. We will surely be expecting greater things from this band in the future.

Review + photos: Nick Drivas