The American dark indie rock band She Wants Revenge, from the San Fernando Valley California, visited Greece for the first time. Their first live appearance in Athens at club Gagarin 205 was a huge success since the place was packed. This gig, organized by club Death Disco, started the new concert season early since it is still August. The support band was the relatively new local alternative rock band Melldrop who gave a half-hour performance, playing songs from their self-titled debut album that was released in February 2019 leaving a good impression.

She Wants Revenge, after a long hiatus, started touring again. On this Forever Summer Tour, founding members, singer Justin Warfield and bassist Adam Bravin, stepped onto the stage with an additional guitarist and drummer. They started with "Killing Time" from their debut self-titled album, that has become a dark wave classic for the 00’s, continuing with another of their known tracks "These Things". Next was the popular "Take The World" with its more beaty rhythm from their third album "Valleyheart" followed by "Little Stars" from the same album, both reminding us their alternative sound of the 00’s. The two tracks that followed, "This Is the End" that had a more new wave feel to it and "Written In Blood", where from their second album "This Is Forever".

The atmosphere changed with the slower song "Not Just A Girl" that had a more shoegaze style. Followed by "Someone Must Get Hurt" and the darker "Sister". After a long intro "Red Flags And Long Nights" began, another favorite from their debut. The song "Rachael" left a good impression with its dark synths and hard drumming. On "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" Justin started singing midway lyrics from the Siouxsie & The Banshees song "Christine". Then they played "Replacement", a song from their second album.
 At this point the band had a small break without leaving the stage. Singer Justin Warfield found the opportunity to apologize for giving the finger earlier on to someone in the crowd who was smoking somewhat showy and unproper, although the band had asked kindly at the start of the show for the audience to not smoke so that they could perform in a better conditions. He also told the crowd to show them their energy and enthusiasm as this would make the band give on their part their 100% ability for the last three songs of the show.
So, when they began "True Romance" (a song they hadn’t played in a long time and Justin Warfield had checked out the lyrics on his mobile to remember them) the crowd went wild, especially the females who where screaming ecstatically. "Out Of Control" followed ending with "Tear You Apart" in which the whole club was clapping to its beat. A song that was brought back to attention when it was chosen by Lady Gaga to play in the opening scene of the series "American Horror Story - Hotel". In general, the American band gave a good show and the audience was left satisfied. As Justin, told the crowd during their set, he was thrilled when he was told backstage that their popularity in Greece wasn’t from hype but from word of mouth and by their songs being played in the clubs.

Review + Photos : Nick Drivas