The neofolk and martial industrial music group Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio from Stockholm, Sweden released the 4 track EP "Ménage À Quatre" in July on CD and vinyl 12", as an appetizer for their new full-length album "Let’s Play" which is meant to be released in September. Once again, the band have gained their inspiration from “the place where Life and Death come together, where the fire of sensualism rises to the skies, where the orgy of the unregretted sin becomes the celebration of doom”.

The EP has 4 epic sounding tracks, where sensuality and heavenly melancholia become one. The opening track "Ménage À Trois (There Is Nothing To Regret)" first appeared when we witnessed the official video director by Vladimir Epifantsev. An impressive video with adult content that portrays ORE’s visual and lyrical content perfectly. This bombastic song, with its slow pondering drums, calm acoustic guitar, elevating chorus and danceable rhythm, is yet another characteristic example of their songwriting. Continuing in the same vein as their previous work.

With "Believe In Me (We Are One)" and "Kiss Me Now (And I'll Be Silent Just 4 You)" that follow, Tomas Pettersson’s vocals are once again mesmerizing. His storytelling style has a hypnotic effect backed by martial rhythms and neoclassical orchestration. The last song, the darker "All Our Scissor Sisters", is another wonderful track that first appeared on the compilation "Ashes Ov Angels" released in 2017.

Review by Nick Drivas